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Situated in Halawa, North Kohala, Hawai'i is one of the most secret treasures of the state. Greenbank is a unique piece of Hawaiian history that dates back to the landing of the first Polynesians.  Steeped in historical mystery and intrigue, Greenbank is one of the most fascinating pieces of property located on the North point of the Big Island that is home to some of the first botanical species ever introduced to the State. This is also the location of some of the oldest known taro terraces in existence and said to have once been ruled by the Great King Kamehameha I. In addition to its ancient wonders, this is the homestead of the Wight family, one of the most important entrepreneurial families on the island. Learn more about the land, the people and the ghosts that make this “Jewell of the Islands” so special.

The Jewell of the Big Island
Halawa, North Kohala, HI
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Greenbank Updates
  • 02/03/10 - The "Genealogy Page" has now been updated with the first phase of the Wight family's genealogy.
  •   8/01/09 - Greenbank website has a URL address. You can now access the site using www.greenbankhawaii.com.
  •   7/29/09 - Greenbank website is updated, Home Page (Guest Book) and Contact Us page (Greenbank Chat Room)
  •    7/27/09 - Greenbank website is updated, Wight FamilyWight Children & The Ghosts of Greenbank (News articles  on                        the Wight  family and ghost stories from the family archives)

  •   7/22/09 - Greenbank website is updated, family notified, Genealogy Page begins construction. Upgraded pages                                   include: Home Page, King Kamehameha I, The Wight Children, The Family Graveyard and Greenbank Today             (Contributors photos & bio's created). Upcoming upgrades will include the Wight Family page.

  •   7/22/09 - New Greenbank website is created. Several family members and contributors respond

  •   7/01/09 - Greenbank group revisits the current status of Greenbank and negotiations to reopen commence. 

  •   5/08/04 - Greenbank Maintenance Program commences. Family and friends donate funds from around the world to pay for                    quarterly clean up work conducted on the wight family graveyard. Work continues till 3/15/08.

  •   8/10/89 - Greenbank Wight family Curator Agreement in place with the State of Hawai'i First Greenbank website is                                  created. Greenbank group visits with DEA to negotiate buy back of property.

  • 11/07/90 - During negotiations, Wight family HI State contact Patsy Mink convinces DEA  to donate Greenbank back to the                      State of Hawai'i rather than sell it back to the Wight family. (So much for trusting state representatives) 

  •   3/10/89 - Greenbank Is seized by the DEA before the family repurchase is complete

  • 11/10/88 - Greenbank Group is created to purchase the property back John Dowie. Purchase price approved

  •   8/10/85 - For  the 1st time since Kamehameha IV Greenbank is sold out of the family by a descendant 

PLEASE NOTE: This websites will be undergoing continuous upgrades for the next several weeks. We encourage you to stop back by and review these changes as they take place. Additional photos, information, family bios, and videos will all be part of the upgrades in 2009. 

If you have information, photos or any other pertinent information pertaining to the topics this website represents we would enjoy hearing from you.

Below you will find current updates on the Greenbank Website. 
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