What and Where is Greenbank?
Greenbank is a piece of Hawaiian history whose stories spans from the landing of the Polynesians to current day mystery and intrigue. This window back into Greenbank’s past is one that has been thoroughly researched over the course of 20 years. Several dedicated descendants continue to dedicated their time and effort to a historical journey not yet completed.
At one time a great Heiau (Hawaiian place of worship) stood where the Wight family homestead was later built. This Heiau was thought to be of great significance and along with marriage and child birth, may have been the location of human sacrifice. The taro terraces are thought to date back to the 1200 to 1300’s. Best know as King Kamehameha I’s terraces, it’s thought that this unique historical find has much to offer archeologists regarding questions relating to early Hawaiian culture.
There are ancient pathways that line the property along the Halawa gulch. Oil lamps carved into the rocks along the path can be spotted for hundreds of yards at the bottom of the property.
In addition to the tremendous Hawaiian value the property represents, the next generation of residents also offered a tremendous amount of historical value to the state of Hawai'i. The Wight family arrived in the mid 1800’s to the Big Island of Hawai'i. After a tragic ship wreck, the family decided to take up residence on the island and become one of the areas leading entrepreneurs. Among their many contributions to Hawai'i, they are recognized for their introduction of many botanical species first introduce to the state on their famous family estate the named Greenbank. Explore our website and learn more about Greenbank.

The Jewell of the Big Island
Halawa, North Kohala, HI
Where is Greenbank located?
Greenbank is located in North Kohala along the Halawa gulch on the Hawai'i Island or the better known as the Big Island. Below you will see a series of maps that will give you directions to the property. 

Please Note: The general public is not allowed on the property.

Family must have expressed written permission form the Greenbank Group through the State Curator Agreement to access the property.  Only then may you access the property.

Violators will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent

Guests on the proeprty are on a case by case bases. To gain access to Greenbank go to our "Contact Us" page.
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